Professional Services List

We focus in 3 main areas of business IT :

  1. Wi-Fi Network

  2. IT Security

  3. Backup and Storage

Lately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also help companies modernise their IT systems to accommodate remote offices (work from home). For many companies, this upgrade involves improvements involving all 3 of our services listed above.

Wi-Fi Network

A fast network service is critical to productivity. 9 times out of 10, slow internet service is due to congested network. Fortunately this is a simple problem to solve. From adding a single wireless access point, to complete multi-point network system upgrade, HOLDFAST has the experience and man power to identify the problem areas and rectify them.

IT Security

Security is often overlooked in smaller businesses. We can help you do a security assessment and advice where the vulnerabilities are. Then steps can be taken to protect your business from malicious attacks. These attacks come in many forms, like malwares and trojans, that can do serious damage to you business.

Backup and Storage

Business is data in the form of quotes, invoices, letters and customer information, just to name a few. A small investment in business data backup will provide big returns when disaster strikes. No security system is 100% full proof. An automated daily backup system is your business' insurance protection.